Victoria College Research Day

The first annual Victoria College Research Day is an opportunity for undergraduates to share research with fellow students, professors, and the wider Vic community. All students involved with research affiliated with Vic (through classes, programs, or departments) are invited to contribute poster presentations. Students unfamiliar with the poster-presentation format are invited to take part in workshops on poster design, oral presentations, and abstract writing (see dates below). Research Day welcomes projects from any field and encourages interdisciplinary exchange among an exciting range of subjects. The event is intended to provide students with a valuable opportunity to improve the research and presentation skills necessary for graduate school and many professions, to network with professors and prize jurors, and to share work with a community of engaged scholars.

Key Benefits to Students

Participation in the Victoria College Research Day offers a variety of benefits to students:

·      Win cash prizes in a range of categories

·      Publish your abstract in the Research Day proceedings

·      Include your presentation on your CV and grad school applications

·      Share your research with professors and fellow students, and discover exciting research undertaken by peers

How to Apply

Applications consist of a short form and 250-word abstract, available at

Research Day Prep Sessions

Students are encouraged to attend the following sessions to help prepare Research Day presentations:

·      January 27, 3pm (Copper Room): Deliver a successful oral presentation

·      February 3, 3pm (Location TBA): How to write a research abstract

·      February 10, 3pm (Regent's Room): Effective poster design

Questions? Please email