Undergraduate journals can connect your work with a broad community of likeminded student researchers, provide insight into the publishing process, and offer an opportunity for professional development. Find the right journal for your essay from the list below, or book a consultation for assistance. 

international undergraduate journals

Agora: Journal for UNDERGRADUATE scholarly papers

Online publication at Lynchburg College with a "great books" focus. Aims to "integrate classical ideas and issues with contemporary ones." Learn more

American journal of undergraduate research

Online and print publication established in 2002. AJUR is "a national, independent, peer-reviewers, open-source, quarterly, multidisciplinary student research journal." Learn more

anthrojournal: the collegiate journal of anthropology

Open source journal for undergraduate research papers and reports in anthropology and related fields. "The material is free and open for public access, affording students with a global readership venue." Learn more


General interest venue for undergraduate research in biology. "Subjects covered include articles on current research, developments in biology, [and] biology as a profession." Learn more

Butler Journal of undergraduate research

Publishes "original, scholarly research undertaken by undergraduates from any college or university... across the humanities, social and natural sciences." Learn More

Columbia undergraduate journal of history

Publication of the Undergraduate History Council. Publishes work from history departments across the U.S. and internationally. Articles must be nominated by a professor at an accredited university. Learn more

Columbia undergraduate science journal

A competitive, peer-reviewed, open access academic publication specializing in works of significant scientific research and analysis. Learn more

consilience: The journal of sustainable development

An online, interdisciplinary journal dedicated to fostering dialogue on sustainable development. Consilience "aims to bring students, researchers, professors, and practitioners from a variety of disciplines and geographic regions in direct conversation." International in scope. Learn more

fine focus

An international journal focused on undergraduate research in all fields related to microbiology. Learn more

Forbes & Fifth

An eclectic mix of creative writing and scholarly articles published by Dietrich School undergraduates at the University of Pittsburgh. Learn more

Foundations: an undergraduate history journal

Academic history journal published by Johns Hopkins, "showcasing the best undergraduate history papers from across the country and around the world."

history matters

An online, undergraduate journal of history published by Appalachian State University. Learn more


Online, student-produced magazine "decimated to exploring the science and technology behind the things we encounter every day." Published by the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California. Learn more


International, multidisciplinary student journal focused on Anthropology, broadly conceived. Attempts to "blur and overcome the boundaries between institutions, disciplines, theories, and between undergraduates and postgraduates." Learn more

impulse: the premier undergraduate neuroscience journal

International, online neuroscience journal published by Appalachian State University. Learn more

Intersect: The stanford journal of science, technology, and society

Run by Stanford undergraduates, publishes "undergraduate, graduate, and PhD submissions at the intersection of history, culture, sociology, art, literature, business, law, health, and design with science and technology." Learn more

Interstate journal of international affairs

Undergraduate-run journal published by Aberystwyth University's Department of International Politics. Publishes "on issues of international and current affairs, and aims to allow students an opportunity to comment on and analyze world affairs in depth." Learn more

INvolve: A journal of mathematics

A venue for mathematical research from students at all levels. Must include a minimum of one-third student authorship. Faculty co-authorship is "strongly encouraged." Learn more

Issues in political economy

Publishes undergraduate research in economics. Submissions should "be analytical and seek to add new understanding to the topic"; papers should also be submitted through a faculty sponsor. Learn more

Jemi+ (journal of experimental microbiology and immunology)

Founded at the University of British Columbia, Jemi+ is a "peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the publication of novel research results reported by undergraduate students from around the world." Learn more

jiriri (Journal of interpersonal relations, intergroup relations and identity)

Based at the University of Montreal, JIRIRI publishes original work in identity, interpersonal and intergroup relations. Dedicated to "promoting the creation and expression of novel theoretical and empirical ideas." Learn more

Journal of politics & society 

Published by Columbia University. Considers academic papers submitted by undergraduates in all areas of the social sciences. Learn more

University of California Berkeley Comparative Literature UNDERGRADUATE Journal

A recognized international venue for undergraduate research in the field of Comparative Literature, including "interdisciplinary research across the arts and sciences, research engaging with literary theory and schools of thought or criticism." Learn more

Undergraduate economic review

Open-access, peer-reviewed undergraduate journal of economics published by Illinois Wesleyan University. Learn more

The Valley Humanities Review

An online journal dedicated to the publication of top undergraduate research in fields spanning the humanities; faculty editors work with students submissions in the areas of Art, English, Religion, Philosophy, History, and Languages. Learn more

vanderbilt historical review

Student-run journal of history. The Review "strives to provide a forum that is dedicated to facilitating dialogue on topics related to history and historiography." Learn more

Vassar college journal of philosophy

A venue for undergraduate scholarship in philosophy, with an emphasis on "clear, engaging, accessible presentation." Learn more


University of Toronto Libraries offers this useful Research Guide listing the many student-led research publications housed at the University of Toronto.