Gain hands-on, practical experience in areas relevant to your interests and career aspirations. Explore the internships and work-study positions below, or book an appointment to find the best opportunity for you. 

Victoria College Internship Courses:

Internship Opportunity (Vic296H1 / Y1)

A practical or experiential learning opportunity supervised by a faculty member. Learn more.

Internship in material culture (Vic329H1 / Y1)

A practical or experiential learning opportunity under the supervision of a faculty member, normally at a museum, art gallery or other cultural agency. Learn more

education internship (vic360H1 / Y1)

An internship with an educational organization approved by the Vic Concurrent Education Coordinator. Learn more

Career Learning Network

The University of Toronto's Career Learning Network can provide you with assistance in finding internships, on- and off-campus job opportunities, and work-study positions. Explore the Career Learning Network.

impact centre

imc390 - Internships in New Ventures

A course-based internship with an early-stage start-up affiliated with the U of T. Offered through the Impact Centre. Learn more

external internship opportunities

Aga Khan Foundation Canada International Youth Fellowship

Offers international development training and an eight-month overseas placement to recent university graduates. Learn more

AIESEC global internship program

AIESEC facilitates a wide range of internships in a variety of sectors with partners from around the world. Learn more

Mars Studio [y]

Multi-disciplinary youth leadership program offered through MaRS. Learn more


Meaningful full-time summer work (for a minimum of 217.5 hours) in sectors including non-profit, municipalities, and Aboriginal organizations and First Nations communities. Learn more.

Parlaimentary internship program

A ten-month work-study program on Parliament Hill open to recent graduates from all disciplines. Learn more.

Connect with talent

Make your internship or work-study opportunity known to students at Victoria College. The Student Research Opportunities office can help identify students whose interests and skill-sets align with your opportunity.