Current Posting: Research Assistant

Job Posting: Research Assistant

Research Area: Teaching effectiveness and student group projects

Supervisor: Prof. Emanuel Istrate

Work duration: December 2016 - June 2017

Number of hours: 40

Project Description:

Collaborative learning is widely used at universities across a wide range of disciplines because of increased student productivity and team-working skill development. Group projects, however, raise issues related to work distribution among team members. Sometimes, not all team members learn all aspects of the project. The goal of the present investigation is to study student perceptions of group projects in a multi-disciplinary course, where the team members come from different disciplines and have very different background knowledge and skills.

Duties of Research Assistant:

The research assistant will facilitate the collection and analysis of data for this investigation. In particular, he/she will run surveys and focus group meetings with the students working on multi-disciplinary projects, and will process the data to extract the results.

Skills and Qualifications:

The ideal research assistant will be a student with background knowledge in quantitative and qualitative research methods, and in the statistical processing of data. He/she needs to be detail-oriented, able to work independently and needs to demonstrate the ability to manage a research project.

Application Procedure:

Please send resume and a cover letter describing your suitability for this project to
Application deadline: November 28, 2016
For further details please contact