Many departments in the Faculty of Arts & Science offer Directed Study, Independent Study, and Experiential Study courses. 

Explore opportunities available in your department, or make an appointment to find an opportunity that works for you.



ARH 306Y - Archaeological Field Methods

ANT 311Y - Archaeological Fieldwork

ANT 330Y - Paleoanthropology Field School

ARH 361Y/H - Field Archeology

ANT 398H0 / 399YO - Independent Experiential Study Project

ANT 447H - Ethnographic Practicum: Metropolis

ANT 449H - Ethnographic Practicum: Infrastructures

ANT 473H - Ethnographic Practicum: The University

Anthropology course descriptions

Anthropology undergraduate research

Astronomy & Astrophysics 

AST 396Y0 - Research Topic Abroad

Astronomy and Astrophysics course descriptions

Astronomy and Astrophysics undergraduate research

cell & Systems biology

CSB 397Y0Y - Research Abroad in Cell & Systems Biology

CSB 497H1 / CSB498Y1 - Independent Research in Cell and Systems Biology I

CSB 499Y1Y - Independent Research in Cell and Systems Biology II

Cell & Systems Biology course descriptions

Cell & Systems Biology undergraduate research


CHM 499Y - Introduction to Chemistry Research

Chemistry course descriptions

Chemistry undergraduate research


CLA 400H / CLA 401H - Independent Studies

GRK 428H / GRK 429H - Independent Studies

Classics course descriptions

Classics study abroad opportunities

computer science

CSC 490H - Capstone Design Project

CSC 494H / CSC 495H - Project in Computer Science

Computer Science course descriptions

Computer Science undergraduate research

earth sciences

ESS 391H1 / ESS 392Y1 - Directed Study

ESS 490H1 - Geological Capstone Fieldtrip

ESS 491H1 / ESS 492Y1 - Undergraduate Thesis Project

Earth Sciences course descriptions

Earth Sciences undergraduate research

Earth Sciences field education

east asian studies

EAS 434H1 / EAS 435H1 / EAS 436Y1 - Independent Studies

East Asian Studies course descriptions

East Asian Studies Exchange Opportunities

ecology & Evolutionary biology

EEB 397Y1 - Research Project in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

EEB 492H1 / EEB 492Y1 - Professional Experience in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

EEB 497H1 - Research Studies in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

EEB 498Y1 - Advanced Research Project in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology I

EEB 499Y1 - Advanced Research Project in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology II

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology course descriptions

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology research courses


Economics course descriptions

Economics Study Centre Peer Mentor Positions


ENG 390Y1 / ENG 392H1 - Individual Studies

ENG 391Y1 / ENG 393H1 - Individual Studies (Creative)

English course descriptions


FRE 350Y0 - French Language and Culture [International course taught in Nice]

FRE 351H0 - Special Topics in Linguistics or Literature: Nice La Belle: passé, présent et futur [International course taught in Nice]

FRE 352H0 - Special Topics in Linguistics or Literature: Littérature jeunesse [International course taught in Nice]

FRE 490Y1 - Senior Essay

FRE 491H / 492H - Independent Study

French course descriptions


GGR 381H1 - Environmental Field Course 

GGR 382H1 - New York Field Course

GGR 390H1 - Physical Geography Field Methods

GGR 482H1 - Toronto Field Course [Not offered in 2016-17]

GGR 493Y1 - Geography Internship Course

Geography course descriptions

Geography Experiential Learning


GER 354Y0 - Special Topics Summer Course in Berlin

GER 355Y0 - Summer Course in Berlin

GER 371H0 - Berlin Summer Internship

GER 490H1 / GER 491 Y1 - Independent Study

German course descriptions

Germanic Langauges and Literatures Study Abroad


HIS 395H1 / HIS 395Y1 - Independent Studies

HIS 498H1 / HIS 499Y1 - Independent Studies

History course descriptions

history of art

FAH 391Y0 - Studies Abroad in Ancient Art and Architecture

FAH 392Y0 - Studies Abroad in Medieval Art and Architecture

FAH 393Y0 - Studies Abroad in Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture

FAH 394Y0 - Studies Abroad in Modern and Contemporary Art and Architecture

FAH 395Y0 - Studies Abroad in Canadian Art and Architecture

FAH 396Y0 - Studies Abroad in Asian Art and Architecture

FAH 397Y0 - Studies Abroad in Architectural History

History of Art offers 400-level Independent Study courses in each of the above areas.

Two Internships (FAH 481H) are offered through the University of Toronto Art Centre (UTAC).

History of Art course descriptions.


ITA 398H0 - Independent Experiential Study Project

ITA 399Y0 - Independent Experiential Study Project

ITA 460Y1 - Internship in Italian

ITA 489H - Independent Studies

ITA 490Y - Independent Studies

ITA 495H1 - Directed Research

Summer courses offered in Sienna

Italian course descriptions


JAL 401H1 - Field Linguistics

JLS 476H1 - Linguistics in the Workforce: Clinical Practise and Research

LIN 495 / 496 / 497 / 498 / 499 - Individual Projects

Linguistics course descriptions


MAT 295 / 296 - Independent Reading in Mathematics

MAT 297Y1 - Research Project in Mathematics

MAT 395 / 396 - Independent Reading in Mathematics

MAT 397Y1 - Research Project in Mathematics

MAT 495 / 496 - Independent Reading in Mathematics

MAT 497Y1 - Research Project in Mathematics

Mathematics course descriptions

near & middle eastern civilizations

NMC 261Y0 - Field Archaeology

NMC 495Y / 496H / 497H - Independent Studies

NMC 499Y - Senior Thesis

Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations course descriptions


PHL 490Y / 495H / 496H / 497H / 498H / 499H - Individual Studies

Undergraduate Conference

Philosophy course descriptions


PHY 396Y - Research Topic Abroad

PHY 397Y - Exchange Research Project Abroad

PHY 495H - Research Topic in Geophysics

3rd and 4th-year Supervised Reading courses (PHY 371Y / 372H / 471Y / 472H)

4th-year Research Project courses (PHY 478H / 479H)

Research, Employment, and Summer Opportunities

Physics course descriptions

political science

POL 395H / 396H / 397Y - Research Participation

POL 495Y / 496H / 497H - Independent Studies

POL 499Y - Senior Thesis and Thesis Seminar

Internship Opportunities

Political Science course descriptions


PSY 309H - Research Specialization: Practicum

PSY400Y - Research Specialization: Thesis

PSY 405 / 406 - Individual Projects

Volunteer Research Opportunities

Research Assistant and Lab Positions

Psychology course descriptions

study of religion

RLG 400Y/ 401H / 402H - Independent Studies Abroad

RLG 404H - Departmental Capstone - Research

RLG 405H - Departmental Capstone - Practical

RLG 490Y / 491Y / 492H / 493H / 494H - Independent Research

Religion course descriptions

slavic langauges & literatures

SLA 498Y / 499H - Independent Studies

Intensive Language Programs (study abroad opportunities compiled by the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages)

Slavic Langauges & Literatures course descriptions


SOC 390Y / 391H / 392H - Independent Research

SOC 490Y / 491H / 492H - Independent Research

Independent Research Course

Sociology course descriptions

spanish & portuguese

SPA 490H / 491H - Independent Study

PRT 490H - Independent Study

Independent Study info

Spanish course descriptions

Portuguese course descriptions

statistical sciences

STA 496H / 497H / 498Y / 499Y - Readings in Statistics

Statistical Sciences course descriptions