The Student Research Opportunities office is dedicated to helping Victoria College Students enrich their education through undergraduate research and experiential learning.

In an ideal world, every student would have access to small-scale, dialogue-based, active learning opportunities. 

A substantial and growing body of scholarly research suggests that students receive significant benefits from engaging in "high-impact" learning experiences. These include first-year seminars (such as Vic One), Capstone Courses, experiential learning, and undergraduate research. While the benefits of these practices (including greater academic achievement, increased disciplinary knowledge, and enhanced prospects for graduate school and the labour market) are well established, students often find that these experiences are their own reward. Students develop mentor relationships with faculty members, form communities with likeminded students, and explore their intellectual curiosity in ways that are impossible in traditional classroom settings. 

In reality, however, high-impact opportunities are not always easy to find.

For many reasons, not every student has enjoyed the opportunity to engage in undergraduate research or experiential learning. Sometimes it's just a matter of not knowing where to look: these opportunities can be difficult to find, spread out as they are among the various departments, academic units, and agencies that offer them. Moreover, the applications for such opportunities can be intimidating. Students may discover the perfect opportunity - then realize that the deadline has just passed. The Student Research Opportunities office is here to keep students informed, help them negotiate the available opportunities, establish the right connections, and offer students support before, during, and after the completion of their opportunity.

The goal of the Student Research Opportunities office is to make more opportunities available to more students. We provide four main kinds of support:

1. We provide information. The Student Research Opportunities office is a clearinghouse of information about undergraduate research and related experiential learning opportunities. The idea is to make a wide range of opportunities for students in every discipline available in one place.

2. We provide advice. Whether students are seeking assistance with an application, group workshops on research opportunities particular areas, or personalized counselling based on individual needs, the Student Research Opportunities office can help.

3. We make connections. The Student Research Opportunities helps pair students with research faculty, make introductions, and create new opportunities based on shared interests and skill sets.

4. We help build communities. The office hosts events to bring researchers together and help foster an integrated research community at Victoria College.